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R1000.00 for 150kg anthracite ( 15 x 10kg bags ) + delivery free within 30km radius of the office If you take more than 1 load you get a discount. Call for more details.

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Why use The Johannesburg Anthracite Company for your delivery

Are you looking for anthracite coal in Johannesburg? Then look no further! The Johannesburg Anthracite Company are the leading suppliers of high-quality anthracite coal in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Why anthracite coal?

Anthracite coal is also known as hard coal. It generates the highest heat of all fossil fuels, but because of its low sulphur content, it is a very clean-burning fuel. It produces almost no smoke or emissions, and won’t leave a build-up in your chimney. It is also affordable – especially if you buy your anthracite coal directly from a supplier in Johannesburg.

New design changes to furnaces have eliminated the requirement of constantly checking the heating system, so you can leave the heater running for many hours. This makes them a user-friendly and efficient way to heat up your house. That being said – coal heaters are still known for very tricky to start.

Tips for your anthracite heater

  • The coal won’t light: Check that the draft controls are not in the fully open position and that there is enough draft.
  • The fire won’t stay burning: This could be from the bed of burning coals not being deep enough, not shaking the grate enough. It could also be from not adding enough coal to the fire, having too much ash build up, or having a chimney that isn’t drafting properly.
  • No heat: If there is a fire, but no heat coming through this could be from poor quality coal. Make sure you are getting quality anthracite coal from your Johannesburg supplier. Poor quality coal won’t burn well. The draft may be too strong, or there may be too much ash build up.
  • Still having problems? Contact your local supplier of anthracite coal in Johannesburg and they will be able to help you out.

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